Meet the AGUIA CARD.

AGUIA CARD is the Electronic Ticketing System used by Viação Águia Azul Ltda. for customer convenience, travel agility, and employee and passenger safety.


Carrying a refilled card is not a money machine to afford transportation;

He will not wait for change;

There will be no possibility of receiving incorrect change;

You will not wait in line for boarding;

Reduces the possibility of theft or robbery;

Access to discounts and promotions;

It has no validity period for the use of credits;

The card can be taken as souvenir (Remembrance.).


Through a website with the use of a unique user and password, you have control of the credits on your employees' cards, make registrations (You must then communicate to us for conference and release.); Requests (Release by proof of payment.); get Reports and update your Codes.

If you are a Legal Client and have the access data "Click Here" (System available in Portuguese / BR.).


Customers with Single Ticket, Vale Transporte and Student cards are also entitled to payment on Expresso Brasileiro Transportes Ltda. In the region of Porto Seguro/BA to Pindorama, Porto Seguro, Coroa Vermelha and Santa Cruz Cabrália.

Credit cards have also been made available to vehicles since they purchased Point of Sale credits.