Meet the AGUIA CARD.

AGUIA CARD is the Electronic Ticket System used by Viação Águia Azul Ltda. for customer convenience, agility on the road and safety of staff and passengers.


Carrying a refilled card is not a money machine to afford transportation;

He will not wait for change;

There will be no possibility of receiving incorrect change;

You will not wait in line for boarding;

Reduces the possibility of theft or robbery;

Access to discounts and promotions;

It has no validity period for the use of credits;

The card can be taken as souvenir (Remembrance.).


Through a website with the use of a unique user and password, you have control of the credits on your employees' cards, make registrations (You must then communicate to us for conference and release.); Requests (Release by proof of payment.); get Reports and update your Codes.

If you are a Legal Client and have the access data "Click Here" (System available in Portuguese / BR.).


Customers holding cards such as Ticket Avulso, Transporte Vale and Estudante are also entitled to payment on the vehicles of Expresso Brasileiro Transportes Ltda. In the region of Porto Seguro/BA with destination to Pindorama, Porto Seguro, Coroa Vermelha and Santa Cruz Cabrália.

The collection cards have also been made available to the vehicles since they acquired credits at the Sales Points.